Gold Coast Escort girls

Have you ever wondered what the typical Gold Coast Escort is like? They could be anyone that you meet. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes a typical Gold Coast escort.

That honey-blonde babe with the smoking hot body who steams the mirrors up at your local fitness club; that petite brunette sweetheart who always sits at the front of the lecture auditorium at your local University or TAFE college; that gorgeous girl who manages that popular fashion boutique in a Gold Coast Shopping Mall; or that sweetly nimble nymphette stripper who sizzles up the stage at the classy and erotically avante-garde The Manhattan Club; any one of these girls could be a glamorous Gold Coast Escort offering her expertise from an elite bordello such as Le Penthouse Suite Brothel.

 A Gold Coast Escort may choose not only to entertain clients in the most lustfully erotic encounters in a private bedroom chamber; they might also maintain a part-time mainstream job to keep a network of associates and friends; or they may be studying for a Masters Degree and fast-tracked for a suitable profession to occupy their time further in the future. 

According to  statistics website, in 2004, approximately 25% of Escorts ladies had a University Bachelors Degree; and about 46.5% also maintained mainstream employment due to the flexibility of lifestyles such as that enjoyed by Gold Coast Escorts.  

A Gold Coast Escort may also be set for the ultimate high-life and fame, and enjoy the benefits of their lucrative profession at high-class functions and celebrity parties, and identify solely as a Gold Coast Escort. 

Think of the many Escorts worldwide that have attained the lofty heights of stardom, such as Rachel Uchitel of the Tiger Woods Scandal, or Ashley Dupre of The New York Governor Scandal. 

The bountiful profit a Gold Coast Escorts receives precludes any notion of her having to work any other mainstream job, particularly those babes found at a premiere, 5-star brothel like the Gold Coast’s iconic Le Penthouse Suite; but she may choose to do so only out of a personal predilection or interest.

Gold Coast Escorts come from many walks of life and from differing backgrounds, sharing with each other only a qualitative youthfulness and beauty, an elegant and sophisticated intelligence that defines them as smoking hot honeys every client and male instantly falls in lust with. 

A pretty girl knows no boundaries, and an even more attractive Gold Coast Escort can open any door with acceptance like a porn-star princess.

Gone are the days when Gold Coast Escorts had to remain a hidden commodity and offer their services in clandestine secrecy. 

In the 21st century, Gold Coast Escorts have stepped into a level of mainstream acceptance and respectability that perhaps provides an air of romantic mystique that attracts the elite members of society. 

Of course, levels of discreetness still exist but more so to protect the security of the Gold Coast Escort, especially at a Premiere Palatial Pleasure Dome like Le Penthouse Suite Gold Coast Brothel, where 5-Star Class meets Erotic Indulgence par excellence. 

So the next time a devastatingly beautiful babe walks past you in smoking hot jeans, diamond bracelet and carrying a Gucci handbag with matching thousand dollar sunglasses, when you’re out and about at a Gold Coast Shopping Mall, you might wonder where do you find girls as sweet and gorgeous as that, and perhaps you’ll realise that she may be an elite Gold Coast Escort, enjoying her day, the sunlight and the cool breeze, before entertaining a high-end client later that evening in raunch and style.