On the Gold Coast, the modern day brothel has come a long way from seemingly sordid places situated on the outskirts of town and spoken of only in hushed tones.

They are now to professionally managed, sophisticated establishments offering the finest in erotic satiation and the complete gratification of nearly every lustful desire conceivable with the sweetest Gold Coast Escorts available.

Elite brothels like Le Penthouse Suite, situated on the Gold Coast, provide services that pair the gentleman client with the perfect playmate.

These beauties are selected from a cadre of Gold Coast Escorts eager to engage in the most pleasurable erotic play-date possible.

The experience begins the moment the client enters the doors of a palatial pleasure dome like Le Penthouse Suite.

They are guided by discreet and friendly management staff to the introduction area in the brothel and perhaps politely offered wine or beer to set the mood.

From there they are seated in a plush lounge surrounded by a tasteful interior and back-grounded by the latest music streaming softly on the wide-screen television on the far wall.

The client doesn’t have to wait long before the girls begin to enter the introduction area.

The sexual electricity begins to sizzle as each Gold Coast Brothel presents herself to the client, clothed in the sexiest lingerie available.

This reveals the perfection of a body beautiful, offering smiles and small-talk, and eliciting any frisson of intimacy.

It may be that a momentary yet lingering eye-to-eye connection or a placement of a hand in just the right place that promises an engagement that will very soon blossom into a lustful encounter in the private suites above.  

A pre-arranged rendezvous with a sweet escort can also take place while perusing a sex guide on an internet website such as the much-visited pages of Le Penthouse Suite’s online directory.

After selecting a babe on-line the client can make his way to the brothel to meet the dream girl of his choice, whether she’s a honey blonde fantasy, gorgeous brunette, lascivious red-head, or an exotic sweetheart from a faraway land.

The client can indicate on-line his preferences in terms of the full erotic consummation of his lust, and special requests for special services can also be made.

Whether the Gold Coast Escort is willing to play just a little outside the boundaries is up to you and her.

While selecting a gorgeous Gold Coast Escort from an internet sex guide offers a degree of certainty, some clients prefer the choice to be made live and within the rarefied atmosphere of the brothel introduction area itself.

This offers the gift of surprise and should we dare say it, “lust at first sight”.

Once paired with the escort of your choice, the client and his fantasy dream girl can negotiate their agenda for the wild night, or their afternoon delight, or their erotically glorious morning entanglement, depending on the time the urge to play with a salacious sweetheart grabs you.

Once within the bed-chamber boudoir, whether it be a deluxe suite with a king-sized double, shower stall, Jacuzzi, and dance pole podium, similar to some of Le Penthouse Suite’s rooms, the sky is the sexual limit.

If you like to tickle with your tongue or delve deep into sweet spots, even engage in a naughty ménage-a-trois, or play pornographic porn-star, gorgeous Gold Coast Escorts like the babes found at brothels like Le Penthouse Suite can accommodate your every erotic whim and fancy.

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