gold coast escort profession

Becoming an escort isn’t for everyone, but why would you become one? What type of lifestyle does this profession offer? Let’s take a look into this a bit further to satisfy our curiosity.

In part, making the choice to become a Gold Coast Escort is similar to choosing to enter any other type of profession, whether it is to be a Solicitor, Doctor, or Tradesman. 

And at times, becoming a Gold Coast Escort offers a raft of benefits that cast a shadow on all the other supposedly more acceptable professions on offer. 

Primarily though, becoming a Gold Coast Escort is a decision based on the monetary rewards that are the guarantee of choosing the high-end lifestyle of the discreetly yet much-sought-after profession of Escort; and Gold Coast Escorts are the epitome of this promise.

Often the Gold Coast Escort may already engage in another profession and decides that she wishes to step-up in the profit stakes, to bankroll that new BMW she has her eyes on, or to fund that overseas trip she’s been dreaming about for a while. 

She recognises how attractive she is, and also understands she has a predilection for the erotic, enjoying sexual intimacy and wanting to flaunt her beauty to elite clientele. Becoming a Gold Coast Escort becomes an obvious choice for this far from naïve and sweetly lustful babe. 

According to statistics website, the primary motivation for becoming an escort such as a Gold Coast Escort honey found at elite brothels like Le Penthouse Suite is the high profitability and also the flexibility of hours while engaged in their profession. 

The lucrative benefits, autonomy, and flexibility of providing entertainment and erotic satiation to clients as a Gold Coast Escort, far outweigh any professional requirements that may seem unacceptable to some of the staider and overly conservative members of mainstream society. 

Of course, the Gold Coast Escort must have an establishment to offer their services from, and on the Gold Coast, there are a number of brothels that provide excellent security and profitable income for girls within their business profile, and the most elite and premiere bordello on the Glitter Strip coast is Le Penthouse Suite 5-Star Brothel.

Australian and American statistical research, as stated by also found that escorts have higher levels of sexual health than the mainstream population. 

Perhaps this is related to the fact that around 25% of Escorts, also according to, have a University Bachelor Degree and therefore are aware of the risks of unprotected sexual pleasure. 

Financial viability, health, and beauty are some aspects that make becoming a Gold Coast Escort a highly attractive option for one of the Glitter Strip’s beach babes or suburban honeys, or an out of state sweetheart looking to bankroll a new and glamorous lifestyle.

A Gold Coast Escort needs one requirement above all else, and that is youthful beauty. Seductively attractive escorts attain the most clientele and they also gather the most high-end clientele. 

While beauty is found in the eye of the beholder, there are certain characteristics that give a Gold Coast Escort an edge in the glamour stakes, and that is a healthy body and an erotic fitness, elegance and style; and of course, a certain sexual charisma that will have clients literally drooling over them the moment they lay eyes upon their gorgeous physiques and sweet faces.